3 Late-Summer Lawn Care Tips

Late summer is one of the best times to perform lawn maintenance on your yard. It is a great time to get rid of weeds and plant new grass seeds due to the cool, moist evenings combined with warm days and lots of sunshine. This presents perfect conditions for growing new grass seeds and managing your lawn.

#1 Get Rid Of Weeds

Late summer is a great time of year to get rid of the weeds that have been hanging out in your yard all summer long. Some weeds are perennial weeds, which means that they come back year after year. So if you leave these weeds alone this summer, you are just going to have to fight them again next spring. 

During the late summer, perennial weeds are getting ready to go into dormancy. They do this by sending more of the food that they are creating via photosynthesis to their roots instead of to their leaves. This is a great time to kill perennial weeds with post-emergent weed control methods. The herbicide that you apply at this point in the year will go into the roots of the weeds, helping to kill off the weeds for the future instead of just killing off the leaves on the topside of the plant but leaving the root structure in place, which happens when treating weeds during most of the summertime.

#2 Plant New Seeds

Late summer is also a great time to plant new seeds. Before planting new seeds, you want to make sure that there is exposed soil for the seeds to grasp onto. You can expose the soil in your yard by raking your yard and removing grass deposits. You can also use a coring aerator to expose and bring soil to the surface of your yard without damaging the existing grass.

Scatter seeds throughout your yard; keep in mind that not all of them will grow. Be sure to water your yard regularly after you put down the new seeds. This will help the new seeds establish the root base they need to grow and thrive throughout the new year.

#3 Fight Back Against Grubs

Finally, in August, grubs lay their eggs on your grass, which is why late summer is a perfect time to eliminate the future grub population from your yard. If you have grubs on your yard, you'll want to treat it with a chemical treatment to kill the eggs and larva in early August. This will help kill the cycle of grubs in your yard and ensure you don't have to fight back against grubs next summer. 

Contact a landscape maintenance company for additional advice.