Preparing To Replace A Window: Three Things To Know

Whether your windows are old and drafty or you have one that was damaged, it's a good idea to know how to prepare for having a new window installed. Your window repair service can help you get ready for this type of project, but there are a few things you can do on your own as well. Use this guide to help prepare your home for window replacement.

Take Proper Measurements

If you are purchasing the replacement window on your own, you'll want to make sure that you properly measure before making a purchase. If your home and existing windows are newer, you may have the manufacturer's information for your current windows. You can use the measurements on the warranty or accompanying materials as a reference when purchasing a new window. If you aren't sure how to measure for a replacement window, as your window repair service for help.

Clear Plenty Of Space

Your contractor will need enough room to access the existing windows, both on the inside and outside of your home. Remove any planter boxes or other exterior obstacles that might prevent the repair service from accessing the window, and be sure to move furniture away from the inside of the home near the window. It's a good idea to use tarps to cover your flooring so they are protected from dirt, dust, and debris during the window replacement project. Remember to remove blinds, shades, or curtains as well.

Consider Flashing Replacement

It's a good idea to think about replacing the flashing around your windows during this project. New flashing can help to prevent leaks on rainy or stormy days. Adding a new window to solve a leak problem may not be completely successful if you have damaged flashing on the home. Work with your window repair service to inspect the current flashing and see if it's time to replace that as well. When the old window has been removed, look for signs of mold or rotted wood from the area around the opening, as you may find that leaks have caused damage to the surrounding wall. If this is the case, your window repair service may be able to provide additional services to remove any rotted wood or damaged drywall. In the event that there is mold in the walls, you'll want to consider contacting a mold remediation specialist.

Talk to your window repair service, or companies like North Heights Hardware Hank, about why you need to have your window replaced, as this can help the contractor to better determine which additional types of services you might need, such as adding new flashing to the windows.