Is Your Small Home Giving You The Squeeze? Proactive Ways To Make Less Square Footage Feel Like More

After decades of popularity, larger houses are seeing some stiff competition from more modest housing, including the niche houses known as tiny homes. In addition to being cheaper to purchase, most types of small homes offer some real advantages, including lower heating, cooling, and energy bills and less property taxes. But when the number of family members outgrows the amount of the home's square footage, a once comfortable home can suddenly feel painfully tight, like an ill-fitting shoe. If you are currently living in a small home and experiencing growing discomfort related to its small size, the following tips can help you find more space in the home you have.

Scale down furnishing size

Floor space is at a premium in a small home. Large furnishings, such as sectionals and oversize chairs and ottomans take up far too much space in these houses, making them appear crowded and uncomfortable. Instead of choosing large furnishings, owners of small homes should look for smaller pieces and less bulky shapes. For example, instead of a bulky sectional, consider using two small couches or love seats that can be placed facing each other and balanced with the addition of a few smaller, but attractive chairs. Your room will look much larger, and you will still be able to provide comfortable seating for all your family members or guests.

Utilize outdoor spaces

Another excellent way to make your home look and feel larger is to utilize any suitable outdoor space you have as additional living space. In most climates, patios and porches can become very comfortable living spaces during spring, summer and early fall months, simply by making some small improvements. For example, an open patio or porch area can quickly become a great place to enjoy meals or entertain guests by adding some simple but comfortable weather-resistant furnishings.

To make the space even more user-friendly and attractive, especially during hot summer weather, consider installing durable patio awnings. If possible, choose awnings that can be opened or closed easily to offer cooling shade or help protect family members and guests from the elements while dining or relaxing on the patio.

Making these types of improvements in your smaller home can increase your family's comfort level as well as add extra value, should you decide to sell your home. To learn more about using awnings to expand your home's living space, homeowners should seek out a reputable patio awning company in their area. With many styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, homeowners are sure to find the perfect patio awning for their home and their budget.