Some Choices To Think Over When Choosing New Gutters

When you're ready to improve the curb appeal of your home, one thing you might want to do is have new gutters put on. If yours are dented, rusted, or loose, it might be best to replace them rather than try to repair them. Gutters are available in a number of materials, styles, and colors, so choosing the right type is a matter of matching your home and budget. Here are some options in new gutters.

Natural Copper Gutters

You may be more concerned with gutter function than style, but if you have a historic home, you might want to invest in copper gutters. These are an expensive option, but they give your home a classic appearance. Copper gutters age naturally so the color changes from a shiny copper color to an oxidized green color over the years. If you happen to prefer the shiny copper color, you can preserve it with proper care, but allowing the copper to oxidize is the preferred appearance by many, and it minimizes the amount of gutter maintenance you need to do.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are popular with many homeowners. They are lightweight, which makes repairs easy, and they don't rust like steel. They are more durable than vinyl, and since the color is baked on, you won't need to paint the gutters like you do with wood. Aluminum gutters come in many colors so that you can match or contrast the color of your exterior paint or roof. Getting the same color as your paint allows the gutters to blend in and be nearly invisible. The only drawback to aluminum is that you can dent it if you're not careful when you lean a ladder against the trough to access your roof.

Seamless Gutters

One major decision you'll make is if you want seamless gutters. These gutters are popular because they have fewer seams and that means fewer places where leaks can develop. Seamless gutters are custom made for the dimensions of your home. They are usually made from aluminum, but other materials can be used too. The other alternative is sectional gutters that come in standard lengths. These have to be cut to fit your house and joined together with seams. Both options can protect your home properly as long as you keep up with repairing leaky seams.

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters have some benefits you might find appealing. The won't rust, and they don't dent. Scratches on vinyl are nearly invisible, so they look nice for a long time. The color on vinyl may fade somewhat, but you'll never need to paint them. They come in many colors, so you'll find the color that matches your home best. The main advantage to vinyl gutters is their lower cost. If you're on a limited budget, vinyl gutters might be a good choice. Since they're lightweight, you could install them yourself if you have DIY skills and save even more on the cost of new gutters.

New gutters give your home a fresh look, and they add improved protection against water damage. If you need help choosing the right gutters for your house, talk to a gutter company about all of your options and upgrades. You may want leaf screens put on top of the troughs and an alternative option for your downspout such as a rain chain.

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