A Canvas Canopy Is A Good Choice When Your Yard Needs Shade

If your yard doesn't have much natural shade, then you probably don't spend much time outdoors when it's hot and sunny. If you're looking for a way to make some shade so you can enjoy your yard or patio, then putting up a canvas canopy is a good idea. Here's how a canopy can make the hot days of summer a little more bearable.

A Canvas Canopy Can Be Temporary

A small canvas canopy can be used temporarily. You can take it camping or set it up outdoors for a picnic and then take it down. Canvas rolls up and is easy to store, plus it is easy to take it where you need it. You can also put up a canopy for permanent use such as for a carport or patio shade, but if you're looking for something portable, then a canvas canopy is a great way to have shade on the go or for a temporary purpose.

A Canvas Canopy Provides Shade Anywhere

You can buy a canvas canopy that attaches to the side of your house or you can buy one that mounts on poles. This allows you to have shade over your patio, part of your driveway, or an area of grass that's away from your house. You could put the canopy over a swing or sandbox so your kids can play in the shade. You may want a canopy near your garden so you can duck into the shade to cool off when working in the garden or yard. Canopies come in different sizes, so you can install one that doubles as a carport or you can choose a smaller one that provides enough shade for a picnic table.

A Canopy Keeps Your Home Cooler Too

When you install the canopy against your house, it blocks the sun from shining in the windows. This reduces solar heating of your home. If you place the canopy on the west or south side of your home, your home could stay cooler so your air conditioner runs less frequently. The canopy might reduce your power bill on long summer days and help your air conditioner run more efficiently.

A Canvas Canopy Allows For Air Circulation

One advantage of a canopy is that the sides are open to let the breeze waft through. The combination of the breeze and blocking the sun makes it more bearable to be outside in the full sun. Some canopies can be fitted with screen or mesh sides. These sides allow air to blow in, but mosquitoes and bugs are kept out. This makes your canopy even more useful since you can sit under it at night to enjoy the evening breeze and not worry about being bitten by bugs.

Canvas canopies come in different colors, and you can buy them with stripes or other patterns. They add a touch of beauty to your yard while supplying shade, so you don't have to worry about the canopy being an eyesore. If your yard doesn't have shade trees, then putting up a canopy is the next best thing. You'll have a welcoming patch of shade wherever you need it so you can enjoy your yard rather than being cooped up in the air conditioning all summer.

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