Spruce Up Your Yard With Stone

If you want to give your yard some extra personality, then you can use stones to give your yard a whole new look. Learn here about some of the different things you can do with stone in your yard to give it a great look.

Create a short stone wall

A short stone wall can be placed around the entire border of your yard, or it can be used to section off a specific area. You can use a short stone wall to box in your garden area. This is a nice way to protect the things in your garden from getting trampled while helping to make it even more of a focal point in your yard.

Create a stone river

Creating a stone river in your yard is done by lying flat stones in your yard in the shape of a long river. You can even place stones at one end that are in the shape of a large pond. If you really want to be creative, then you can build a stone waterfall at the start of the river.

Create a stone birdbath

A stone birdbath can be made to give an added focal point to your yard and to cause more birds to come to your yard to bathe and drink. You can really increase the number of birds in the yard by also hanging a bird feeder near the birdbath.

Create a border for your walkways

You can place stones along both sides of your walkways to add some nice décor to them. If you don't have a lot going on in your yard, then this is a good way for you to add something easy and interesting to it. You can install Malibu lights along the walkways, so people can even appreciate the stone-lined walkways once the sun goes down.

Create borders for your trees

You can place stones around the bases of your trees. You want to clear out the area around the trees, so they are free of grass and weeds. Bring everything down to bare dirt and then place the stones around the dirt part.

Create stepping areas

You can use some flat and large stones as natural stepping stones throughout the yard. Place these stones where people tend to walk the most and make sure they are spaced apart in a way that allows people to walk naturally on the stones.

To complete any of these projects, reach out to a stone supply company.