Install Sprinklers To Grow Moss On Hardscape Landscape Features

Adding hardscaping to your landscape design can add quite a bit of depth. If your property is very flat or has limited trees, it may appear a little too barren for your taste. Once you've added the hardscaping, you can help it to appear more natural by adding some moss to grow over it. Here, you'll find out how to grow moss on the hardscaping elements of your landscape design.

Install a Lawn Sprinkler System          

Moss will need lots of moisture to grow and stay healthy. If you don't live in an area that gets a lot of rain, you'll want to install a sprinkler system in the area around the hardscaping. This will eliminate the need for you to drag your hose out each day to spray the moss down to keep it from dying.

You can set the timer to automatically water the moss, or you can manually activate it when the moss needs to be watered. If the moss is growing in a well-shaded area, it won't need to be watered as much. So, if you feel that it's taking in too much sun, you'll want to place some tall plants in the area around it. This can be done using natural stone pots. They'll blend in with the hardscape design and hold the soil the tall plants need to live.

Harvest or Grow the Moss

Moss is fairly easy to come by if you live out in the country with lots of damp wooded areas. Streams and creeks are the ideal locations to find the moss that you'll harvest. If you don't have anywhere to go, you also have the option to buy it at a nursery or grow your own.

To harvest the moss naturally, you'll need some shallow cardboard boxes and a flat shovel. All you have to do is find the moss, take the shovel, and scrape the soil under the moss as close to the rocks that it's growing in and slide it off the shovel into the box. You'll come home with sheets of natural, healthy moss.

To grow your own moss, get some buttermilk and dried moss. Mix the two together until a paste is formed. Take the mixture to where you want it to grow. Dampen the area and spread the mixture over the area. Keep the area damp and the moss will soon begin to grow and cover the rocks.

Keeping the area well-watered is key to successfully growing moss on hardscaping surfaces. With the sprinklers, this will be an easy addition to your hardscape design.

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