Three Things Every Homeowner Needs At Their Front Entry

Most people would agree that the front door is the first thing people notice when they arrive at someone's home. For this reason, homeowners put a lot of emphasis on their front entry door. Homeowners spend a lot of time figuring out the type of material their entry door should be made from, along with what color and design of door best suits their home. While the right front door offers security and protection and makes a great first impression, there are a few more things homeowners should consider when it comes to their front entry.

Here are three things every homeowner needs at their front entry.

1. Motion Sensor Light

The front entry of every home should have a motion sensor light. One reason for this is that it offers convenience. If it's dark and your hands are full, a motion sensor light comes on automatically so that you don't have to fumble around in the dark for the light switch.

Motion sensor lights are also helpful because you don't have to remember to turn the porch light on or off. Having a motion sensor light in the front entry also offers homeowners an added level of security as it should help to deter intruders.

2. Backlit Address Numbers

Most people have had the experience of trying to find the right address in the dark. This is because the numbers on a house can be nearly impossible to see at night. Even though some houses have lights near their number, the light isn't always on.

Backlit address numbers on a home solve the problem of having a hard-to-see house number in the dark. Backlit address numbers are especially helpful for delivery drivers and emergency responders who need to quickly find the right address.

3. Tasteful Decor

In order to make their home look as nice as possible, adding tasteful decor to the front entry is a simple touch that goes a long way. Homeowners who enjoy gardening may want to hang a few potted plants near their front door. If they don't have a green thumb, they could place fake shrubs, plants, and small trees in large pots near the front entrance.

Other ideas for tasteful decor at the front entry include:

  • Small chair or bench
  • Outdoor welcome mat
  • Large welcome sign
  • Seasonal wreath
  • Water fountain

Of course all of these tasteful decorative ideas depend on how much space there is in the front entry and the style of the house. Some homeowners change their décor from season to season.

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