Tips for Designing Cabinets in Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is hardworking but underappreciated space. You need to get a lot of work done in what's typically a modest area. Sometimes homeowners don't think about the cabinetry needs of the laundry room. While you can make do with open shelving, cabinets will make storage easier. Find out some tips for designing cabinets for your laundry room.

Mix and Match Cabinet Types

Laundry rooms are often catch-all spaces. Yours may double as a pantry, or you might stash little-used appliances inside. To that end, you want a variety of cabinet types in your room. For instance, even a single upper cabinet can provide long-term storage. Lower cabinets might be good for cleaning supplies. Open cubbies in the cabinets facilitate the use of laundry supplies.

Try Shallow or Narrow Cabinets to Fill Space

Another way to ensure you have storage for anything you want to put in the laundry room is to use up all the available space. So, if you have a narrow space between the appliances and the wall, you can have a pull-out pantry installed for the storage of laundry supplies or food. Likewise, look into shallow cabinets or drawers to go between the countertop and the standard cabinets.

Open Up Some Cabinet Doors 

As noted, laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to décor. While the room is utilitarian by design, you can still enjoy your time there. To that end, consider replacing a cabinet door with a glass-paned one. You can set an attractive piece on the shelf, say a vintage laundry item, or a favored piece of pottery that doesn't go elsewhere in your house.

Focus on the Details

In a similar vein, don't neglect the hardware you use on your cabinetry. Obviously, you want it to be easy to use. But consider upgrading to pleasing hardware. Likewise, you might add some trim, such as molding, to the installation. When your laundry room makes you happy, you probably won't mind working in there as much.

Choose a Moisture-Resistant Finish

The laundry room is a high-moisture area. Ideally, you'll have venting or windows to let the steam out. However, your wooden cabinets are still susceptible to moisture-related issues. Experts recommend the use of oil-based varnish to create an armor-plate on the surface. This coating actually repels moisture. It also lets the natural graining of the wood to show through.

Don't Forget about Specialty Inserts

Cabinets don't have to just be cavernous holes. Suppliers offer numerous inserts that let you customize your storage. Start by brainstorming what you want to put in the laundry room and ways inserts can facilitate that storage. For example, instead of just one or two shelves, you could fill a cabinet box with numerous shelves or cubbies.

Try some of the above tips to help you select wood cabinets for your laundry room and talk to a wood cabinet supplier.