Common Sources Of Residential Window Damage

The panes of glass in your windows can be among the most fragile components of your home. As a result, it is common for homeowners to eventually repair damage to their window glass. While there are many potential sources of broken glass, a few can be particularly common sources of window glass repairs.


Branches that are close to the windows can be a major threat of causing damage to the glass. This can be due to the branches striking the glass with enough force to break it. Additionally, it is possible for these branches to damage the glass by regularly scraping against it. This can leave a series of deep scratches that can ruin the appearance of the glass while also increasing the risk of much larger and deeper cracked development in the future. Trim these branches so that they will be unlikely to come into physical contact with the window even when the wind is blowing. This may require leaving more space than you would otherwise think is necessary since the tree may sway closer to the home in high winds.

Storm Debris

During strong storms, debris can be blown into the windows, and there will be a high likelihood of this debris striking the glass with enough force to cause it to break. This can expose the interior of the home to extensive water damage as well as expose those inside to high winds and hail. While it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility that the windows will be broken by flying storm debris, installing storm shutters can allow you to more effectively protect the glass from these impacts. Upgrading to glass that is capable of withstanding the forces from strong impacts can also help to reduce the risk of the glass breaking when these collisions do occur.


There are many accidents that can result in a window breaking. Whether this is due to someone accidentally throwing something at the window or bumping into the glass with a piece of furniture or other items, repairing should be a priority. While homeowners may recognize this need when the damage has resulted in the glass completely breaking, they may not be as diligent if the glass has only suffered cracks or other partial damages. In reality, these cracks can still create problems as they may weaken the glass, allow moisture into the home, and contribute to HVAC performance problems.

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