Tips When Searching for a Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks are prized household possessions for many because of their size and aesthetic beauty. If you are buying one for your home and to keep it working for a long time, look over this guide.

Select a Time Period

The time period for which a grandfather clock was made will influence its style and materials a lot. You should take some time getting familiar with the different styles from different time periods so that you'll have more understanding of your own particular tastes.

Look up the differences from every major period and review the stand-out features, including the shapes, colors, and designs put into each clock. That gives you a good representation of what's currently available on the marketplace. Then you can choose based on the aesthetics you liked most.

Review Maintenance Requirements

Grandfather clocks aren't like traditional clocks that you see on walls. They are big and typically come with a lot of components. In order to work consistently over the years, maintenance is required. You want to find out what this involves with the grandfather clock you're thinking about purchasing.

If you have experience with grandfather clocks and actually like working on them, then maintenance may not be much of a problem. However, if you don't know much about these clocks and worry about damaging your clock through tampering with its mechanics, then simpler maintenance is what you should shoot for. You can find these types of grandfather clocks; they'll just have simpler designs.

See What Size is Compatible 

Grandfather clocks are typically pretty large, often going up to several feet high and several feet wide. These are dimensions you need to review carefully before ordering a clock so that you won't have to worry about how to get it into your home. 

You can pick out a location you think would be best for this clock and then see how much space you have to utilize. Then you can compare this area with different sizes until you come across something sized perfectly in terms of width, height, and depth.

Also, be sure to take the clock's measurements and visualize them around the intended area. Then if everything checks out, you can order knowing the setup will be smooth. 

You can complement your home's decor by adding a grandfather clock, like a Howard Miller grandfather clock, and your decision can be made easier if you remember to check the time period, maintenance requirements, and dimensions.