Linen Table Runner Ideas For Christmas

If you enjoy elaborately decorating your home for Christmas, there's a good chance that you'll spend a lot of time planning how your dining room table will look. It can be exciting to welcome your extended family to sit down at the table for Christmas dinner, especially when you've put a lot of time into carefully decorating the table. While the right candles, name cards, and other elements can all elevate the look of your table, you should also think about buying a linen table runner. This accessory is available in many different styles that can work well for Christmas, making it a valuable addition to your table. Here are some designs to look for.

Traditional Christmas Colors

If you're wanting to improve the look of your dining room table in a simple way, look for a linen table runner in a traditional Christmas color. Red and green table runners are readily available, which can work well if you have decorative elements in these hues on the table or in your dining room. If you're using a white tablecloth, the addition of a red or green table runner down the center of the table adds a splash of color that immediately helps to give the table more of a festive appearance.

Christmas Pattern

To give your table more of a vibrant look, consider buying a linen table runner that features a Christmas pattern. There are all sorts of designs from which to choose, including table runners that feature classic Christmas images such as holly, snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas trees, and more. Some designs can have somewhat of an informal style, which can work well if you want your dining room table to be festive but not so formal that people feel tense when they sit down. A table runner with a lively Christmas pattern can also be a fun choice if you'll have young children sitting at the table for dinner.

Plain White

Many people choose bright-colored tablecloths for their Christmas dining room table. If you've made this decision, a plain white linen table runner can be a good addition. White will match with virtually any color of tablecloth, so if you have a plain red or green tablecloth or something with stripes, you can expect that a white table runner will augment the look of the table. Shop for table runners for Christmas and other occasions at a retailer that specializes in home decor, such as Provimo Home.