3 Key Considerations for Your Commercial Awnings Installation

When it comes to protecting your products, employees, and/or customers from rain, direct sunlight, and other inclement outdoor elements, awnings can be a valuable addition to your commercial property. Primarily mounted on the side of the building, usually just above the windows, awnings provide the shade and cover needed to use and enjoy outdoor spaces. 

That said, not all awnings are created equal. Awnings come in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different users. If you're looking to choose the right ones for your commercial use, consider these 3 critical variables.

1. Awning Size

A good awning system should provide enough shade for your commercial needs. For this reason, consider the amount of space you want to be covered for your upcoming commercial awnings installation. The more shade you need in your outdoor space, the larger your awnings will need to be. That said, the size of your awnings will be restricted to the total amount of space available outside your commercial property. 

2. Awning Material

Awnings come in a wide selection of materials. Each material offers a different level of protection against the elements and requires a different level of maintenance to remain intact. The different types of awning materials also come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors to match practically any commercial architecture.

When choosing awnings for your commercial property, look for a material that is not only designed for the local climate but will also improve the exterior appearance and beauty of your commercial property. It pays to invest in an awning material that requires minimal time and effort to maintain. 

3. Awning Design

In terms of design, all awnings fall into three main categories: stationary, freestanding, and retractable. If you require year-round protection against the elements, install stationary awnings. Mounted outside windows, these awnings serve as permanent structures for providing shade throughout the year. 

If you need awnings that can retract when not in use, choose retractable units. Freestanding varieties are perfect for use in patios, decks, and other outdoor areas that may require a separate support structure for awnings installation. 

Installing awnings is a great way to increase the functionality and beauty of your exterior space. But choosing the right awnings is critical to the success of your awnings installation project. If you're still unsure about which kind of awnings are suitable for your needs, talk to an awnings installation specialist.