Remodeling The Bathroom? Six Reasons To Install Widespread Faucets

Do you know the difference between center-set style and widespread bathroom faucets? The widespread bathroom faucets are fixtures with three separate components: a spout and two handles. Center-style faucets are single units with one handle for controlling temperature. So, which is best?  

Six reasons to consider a widespread faucet in your bathroom are: 

1. Versatility

Your contractor or plumber may suggest faucets and fixtures that offer adjustable installation, due to the size or location of your sinks. Since all the components of the widespread faucet are not connected with one another, you have more versatility and freedom regarding how and where to install these fixtures. For example, a corner vanity may not accommodate the alternative center-style faucet; it would be a good candidate for a widespread-style faucet instead.   

2. Style

Another reason why it makes sense to choose a widespread faucet is the style factor. You have a lot of choices in unique and fashion-forward fixtures when you go with this type of faucet. You can install custom faucets and fixtures that may become focal points of the bathroom if you choose. The point is, you are not as restricted with widespread faucets, so the sky is the limit. Talk to your remodeling contractor to learn more.  

3. Ease

If you have ever had a center-style type of faucet, you know that it can be challenging to clean around these fixtures and in these tight areas. A widespread faucet is easier to clean, so maintenance is a breeze.  

4. Access

Since the fixtures are separate, you can more easily access and repair or replace the components, as needed. You won't need to repair, remove, or replace the entire fixture as you would with a center-style faucet. This means repairs are faster, so labor may cost less, too.  

5. Control

Remember that widespread faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water. This reduces the risk of accidentally getting the water too hot or too cold, and you may lower your chances of accidents. The separation of handles provides the feeling of more control over the water temperature. This is perfect when bathing kids or pets.

6. Aesthetics

Since widespread faucets are individual components, it is possible to install them without any connections, pipes, or other eyesores being visible. The aesthetic is more pleasing, and it creates a clean, streamlined look that is cohesive with whatever design or style schemes you implement. The connections are under the sink and out of sight, where they belong.

Are these reasons enough to convince you about widespread faucets? If you have bathroom remodeling projects in mind, talk to a qualified contractor about installing widespread faucets in your home.  

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