Need A New Doorbell? Hire A Handyman

If you realize that the doorbell outside your front door is no longer working, it's ideal to replace it promptly. Failing to do so can be frustrating, as people may press the button upon arriving at your home without realizing that it doesn't work. If you aren't confident to do this work yourself, it's a good idea to hire a local handyman service. Virtually any handyman can complete this task for you in a short amount of time. Buy the new doorbell that you want, and then schedule a date and time for the handyman to arrive and take care of the work. Here are some things that they'll do.

Install A New Button

Your handyman will carefully remove the old button and install a new one in its place. If the new button is the same size as the old one, this installation will be quick and simple. In the event that your new button is slightly smaller, the handyman will fill any visible holes around your door that held the old button and repaint the area so that there's no trace of the old button. Many people use doorbell systems that have just one button, but if you buy a system with two buttons, your handyman can install the second one at a different door.

Install The Chime

The other key part of this job is installing the chime, which is the small box situated in a central area of your home that holds the chime that emits a sound when someone presses the button at your door. Like installing the button itself, your handyman will begin by removing the old chime and cleaning up any visible mounting holes in the drywall, if necessary. They'll then mount the new chime wherever you want it and test the system to ensure that it works.

Install The App

If you buy a conventional doorbell, the work will be done after your handyman installs the chime. In the case of a smart doorbell, however, there will be a little more to do. Namely, your handyman can teach you how to install the appropriate doorbell app for your mobile devices and give you a quick tutorial about how to use the app to view the doorbell camera's feed, communicate through the built-in speaker, and more. If you find smart technology a bit intimidating, you'll appreciate having your handyman help in this regard.

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